Every young person has something they’re good at. When you focus on their strength, then you are able to deal with any underlying issues they may be facing.

The Bridge is a resource centre devoted to bringing change to youth homelessness in Leamington. Approximately 10% of Leamington youth (age 14-24) live in poverty.

We are leading initiatives to fund the supports against poverty, food insecurity, abuse, violence, and homelessness for youth in the greater Leamington area. We help youth find their light and a path to dignity, success and opportunity. We’re looking for folks to join us in this crucial effort.

Our staff will experience an enriching and enlightening work experience in a culture built upon compassion and mutual respect. The Bridge embraces diversity, and welcomes those from different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. Here at The Bridge, we are committed to making every individual feel supported and respected while nurturing an accessible and inclusive environment.

Let’s start making the future brighter.