Phone: 226-773-3454 Physical address: 310 Sherk Street Leamington ON N8H 3L1

Who we help?

The challenge is increasing at alarming rates within our local communities for the youth. Many people are unaware (or choose to be) of this increasing need to help our youth. There appears to be a real gap or disconnect for the services needed for the age group identified in the “system”. “The Bridge” will bridge that gap and ensure the services needed for this age group are available by providing the care and support services outlined above. We are talking basics at the outset – both quantifiable (food, hygiene, clothing, direction) and qualitative – love, encouragement, hope) – which have been largely missing from their lives to this point.

Every young person has something they’re good at. When you focus on their strength, then you are able to deal with any underlying issues they may be facing.