Who we are?

The Bridge is a new facility established at 310 Sherk St., Leamington which will initially house a youth resource centre. This centre will have a recreation area (computers, games, leisure), a kitchen (with prepared food), showers, laundry facilities, homework area and a Chapel. The centre will also have offices to house Access, a partner not-for-profit group, that will provide many of the services needed by the youth – housing, budgeting, work placement, medical care direction as examples. The goal of this centre is that youth with needs can find a  place to; first, feel safe, loved and respected;

Second, is to provide individual direction and navigation to a more meaningful life with hope for the future. In addition to the Access staff housed there, there will be a Director of Operations plus two additional staff at the outset. The dream is it will be a “hub” of activity with positive interactions, both professionally and socially.

Future phases of the Sherk St. location include the following:

1) transitional dormitory style housing for homeless youth for up to a year as they begin their transition to a more stable environment

2) more permanent, affordable apartments to assist in continuing their journey to a more fruitful life.

Every young person has something they’re good at. When you focus on their strength, then you are able to deal with any underlying issues they may be facing.


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